Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) seeks Director of Global Policy for Europe

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) 5<y Senior Level  Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium 24 Jan 2017

Job Description

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is the premier voice, advocate, and thought leader for the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry.  Our member companies include the world’s leading innovation companies, with headquarters worldwide and business networks distributed around the globe.  We advocate on behalf of our members for policy and regulatory environments that enable innovation and maximize all of the benefits that ICT companies provide, including economic growth; job creation; and the tools to solve the world’s most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.  Given our deep belief that the interests of our industry are fundamentally aligned with those of the economies and societies in which we operate, we work closely with our partners in government, international organizations, the business community, and civil society to achieve these objectives.

ITI is seeking a

Director of Global Policy for Europe

based in Brussels, to navigate policy and regulatory developments in Europe and make ITI an effective and constructive partner in the European policy environment.  The ideal candidate is an experienced public policy professional with a deep and wide understanding of how public policy (including but not limited to ICT policy) is developed and implemented in Europe, at both EU and national levels.  S/he will be well-equipped to undertake direct policy advocacy with senior-level European officials and other stakeholders.  S/he will also be a creative thinker and collaborative colleague who, consistent with the companies we represent, will seek positive and innovative ways to achieve both the industry’s policy objectives and governments’ public policy goals.  (The responsibilities and preferred qualifications are identified in greater detail below.)  The Director of Global Policy for Europe will report to the Senior Vice President for Global Policy and work closely with ITI’s Global Policy team.


  • Monitoring and anticipating relevant policy and regulatory developments in Brussels and the Member States;
  • Communicating regularly and in a clear and concise manner with ITI and its members regarding the significance of such developments;
  • Playing a key role in the development of strategic and tactical approaches to policy and regulatory issues in Brussels and the Member States;
  • Building coalitions with key policy stakeholders in Brussels and the Member States, including startups and entrepreneurs, trade associations, companies and business groups outside of the tech sector, and civil society;
  • Cultivating relationships and advancing ITI’s policy priorities directly with key senior-level officials in the European Commission, the European Parliament, independent EU institutions, and national and sub-national government entities (e.g., Member State ministries and data protection authorities);
  • Promoting and enhancing ITI’s brand and the brands of its member companies in Europe through thoughtful, creative, agile, strategic, and collaborative engagement with government officials and other stakeholders throughout Europe; and
  • Serving in general as an extension of ITI in Europe, a trusted advisor and colleague of ITI in Washington, DC, and a resource for information and engagement for our member companies in Europe.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in international relations, public policy, law, business, or a related field;
  • Full professional proficiency in English and either (or both) German or French;
  • Experience developing and implementing successful public policy strategies in Europe, including with respect to the EU institutions and Member State governments;
  • A deep network of relationships in the ICT policy community in Europe, both in Brussels and in one or more key Member States, and demonstrated credibility interacting with senior-level government officials in Europe; and
  • Personal qualities that include high emotional intelligence; strong interpersonal skills; excellent verbal and written communication abilities; capabilities for thinking strategically and creatively; instincts for being a team player and working to build consensus; and a sense of humor.

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Interested candidates should contact (and send a resume to) Josh Kallmer, Senior Vice President for Global Policy, at

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