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Platforma 5<y Senior Level  Brussel, Brussel, Belgium 14 Mrz 2016

Job Description

Since 2008, local and regional governments (LRGs) have access to funds from the European Union to undertake projects beyond the EU borders, in partnership with local and regional governments in partner countries. The Non State Actors and Local Authorities (NSA-LA) thematic programme supported hundreds of projects in Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Maghreb, the Mashreq and even in Europe. Although the programme is now fairly known by local and regional governments, access to EU funds to develop cooperation programmes remains difficult, mostly because beyond the CSO-LA programme, there are only few opportunities known.

PLATFORMA has always endeavoured to facilitate access to funding opportunities to local and regional governments willing to engage in partnerships between Europe and partner countries; with this aim is mind, it seeks to produce a comprehensive guide on sources of funding at the European level, and beyond.

Many programmes are accessible to local and regional governments, however their existence is not always widely known. Also, t is often wrongfully assumed that they are restricted to civil society organisations. Experience has shown that even within a donor organisation, staff is not always aware that they can fund projects led by local and regional governments.

Moreover, applying to and managing EU funds is daunting to many potential applicants. Obscure templates, complicated administrative and financial rules and abstruse language often constitute overwhelming challenges.
PLATFORMA’s guide will bring opportunities closer to elected representatives and territorial civil servants by shedding light on all those untapped opportunities, and inciting towns and regions to apply for EU funds.


Guide on funding opportunities for local and regional governments

in the field of development cooperation

This guide will thus be a vade-mecum for LRGs to get clear, concise, practical and simple information on funding opportunities for decentralised cooperation projects.

In light of this, the guide will:

  • Provide comprehensive information on existing programmes that support projects with LRGs in
    partner countries;
  • Provide clear and concise information on application processes;
  • Give tips on developing project proposals and drafting successful applications;
  • In addition it could include information on what happens after funding has been granted.
  • Although this is not the essence of this project, the elaboration process of the publication will also contribute to exchange and interaction with services of the European Commission, European Union delegations, and other relevant institutions. This will hopefully lead to raising their awareness of the work of local and regional governments for sustainable development, poverty eradication and decentralised cooperation.


  • The primary focus will be EU funds for external cooperation, however the guide will also give information on funds managed by other institutions, for example multilateral organisations.
  • As PLATFORMA is funded by the CSO-LA programme, the guide must include a more thorough presentation of the thematic programme and the possibilities it offers.
  • This publication should be a practical guide for staff working in the international departments of LRGs or elected representatives, in partner countries and the EUto find information on relevant EU and donor programmes.
  • It should contain detailed and simple information on the objectives of the programmes – which means making complicated, technical language easily understandable – the type of actions that can be funded, the application processes and practical advice to boost chances of potential applicants.
  • The guide will be as appealing as possible, hence at all stages the consultant must consider that the final product will be very visual.
  • It will be drafted in English or French.
  • The consultant is invited to propose any content that he/she sees relevant.


  • The consultant will be free to organise his/her work as he/she see fit, although we would strongly advise reaching out to Commission services (any DGs susceptible to fund actions by local and regional governments beyond the EU borders) and EU Delegations, as well asPLATFORMA members and local and regional governments.
  • PLATFORMA Secretariat will facilitate contacts with the relevant interlocutors to the consultant.
  • The consultant will also work with PLATFORMA press and communication officer and a communication agency selected by the Secretariat to finalise the design and layout of the publication.


The text must be finalised and agreed with the Secretariat of PLATFORMA by May 16th.


  • Excellent knowledge of the EU development policy, in particular EU policy in support of local/regional governments in partner countries and decentralised cooperation;
  • Excellent knowledge of EU programmes, in particular external action programmes (DG DEVCO- EuropeAid programmes);
  • Knowledge of the work of local/regional governments and their associations in development and development cooperation;
  • Working experience with local/regional governments, or association thereof would be a plus;
  • Experience in project management, in particular management of EU funds;
  • Knowledge of other multilateral donors programmes;
  • Knowledge and understanding of PLATFORMA, (field of activities, membership, history) would be
    a plus;
  • Native level of English or French; other languages an asset;
  • Applicants must be available to start working immediately (end of March). Considering the tight
    timeline, applicants are encouraged to work in a team of two.


  • Interested parties are invited to send their CVs and a one page outline of the guide (in English or French).
  • They are also invited to submit a timeline for the production of the guide. Please address your application to, copy to by March 21st, close of business.
  • The selected applicant will have an envelope of €19.200 (incl. taxes) maximum to carry this work. This budget does not include translation, layout, and printing of the guide – separate budget managed directly by the Secretariat of PLATFORMA.
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