Politheor offers Policy Research Internship

Politheor Internship  Anywhere 30 Sep 2015

Job Description

Politheor is accepting applications for interns who will be supporting the op-ed team over the course of five months. The internships are online-based, with both training and mentorship offered online. Incentives such as training in op-ed writing, merit-based financial and non-financial awards and networking can all be expected.

Politheor is a European policy platform that brings together policy analysts to help enhance the quality of European public policy discussions. Its goal is to promote and support talent in public policy analysis. Politheor’s Advisory and Editorial board comprise of experts affiliated to some of the top education and policy institutions in Europe. Politheor also organizes trainings in policy writing, and promotes knowledge acquisition among the next generation of policy specialists.

Politheor offers a

Policy Research Internship


Eligibility and Profile

We encourage motivated senior students and recent graduates in Public policy, Political Science, International Relations, Media Studies etc. to apply. Graduates in other fields who demonstrate interest in public policy may also be considered.

All candidates must be able to:

  • Meet strict deadlines while providing quality content.
  • Speak fluent English, with excellent written skills.
  • Demonstrate strong analytical capacity and ability to discern policy issues.
  • Show willingness to learn and cooperate.
  • Prove interest and expertise in one of the relevant policy areas (see below)
  • Previous experience is a plus, but not a necessary condition.

Internship Description

The internships will last 5 months
All internships are completely home-based (online).
Selected candidates’ primary task will be supporting the op-ed section by writing one policy-related op-ed of 700-800 words each month.
Op-ed topics will necessarily relate to one of the following policy areas which, at the same time, form op-ed sections:

European Social and Economic Governance,
Public Policy in Southeast Europe,
IT and Public Policy,
Environmental and Climate Policy,
Human Rights and Disability Policy,
International Relations and Foreign Policy,
Education Policy.

Each intern will be assigned to only one policy area and usually only one mentor, depending on the demonstrated interest and knowledge.
Interns will receive extensive training and instructions in writing op-eds to meet the professional requirements of Politheor. This training combined with the overall experience can prove useful in future careers.
Students who have mandatory internships to complete are welcome to apply. We are occasionally able to make arrangements in order to meet school requirements. However, students are encouraged to check with one of the Politheor staff first, before submitting the application.

Benefits and Opportunities

Every intern who successfully finishes the internship will receive an Internship Certificate.
Interns will enhance their experience and proficiency in writing policy-related op-eds, both through experience, training and mentoring.
The merit-based awards include the Excellence in Policy Analysis certificate issued by the leading experts of the Politheor Advisory Board, as well as other financial and non-financial awards.
Those who complete their internships satisfactorily will receive preferential treatment when applying for projects and events organised by Politheor.
The possibility of future employment in the Politheor network.
Great opportunity to publish and promote your work.
Opportunity for networking in a fast-growing European Public Policy Center.

Application Process

Send your CV along with an English language cover letter demonstrating your interest and expertise in one of the indicated policy areas to internship@politheor.net. Make sure to indicate in the Subject field the policy area/op-ed section you are applying for.

Application Deadline: October 21st 2015

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