Schneider Electric seeks Vice President, Global Public Trade Policy

Schneider Electric 5<y Senior Level  Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium 26 Mrz 2018

Job Description

Vice President, Global Public Trade Policy

Schneider Electric has a great opportunity for the right person to join our Global Strategy Division as VP of Global Public Trade Policy, based in our Brussels office (the role could also be based in our Washington DC office).

Schneider Electric – with its market-leading EcoStruxure platform – is driving the digital transformation in energy management and automation. With its products and services, which impact everything from individual buildings to overall city grids and farms to IT systems, Schneider Electric develops globally connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

Schneider Electric’s strength has been in energy management, which remains the core of the company’s identity. Company leadership has committed to running fully on renewable energy by 2030, and CEO Jean-Pascale Tricoire has explicitly stated that prosperity and energy are intertwined, and that Schneider Electric must align its strategy and outlook with the 21st century.

That said, the applications of Schneider’s products and services has become even more far-reaching, which presents both challenges and opportunities. The company is uniquely positioned to impact issues including topics such as global public trade, digital topics such as cybersecurity and data, through public safety, industrial policy, food-beverage-agriculture, water treatment, as well as its current global leadership in energy infrastructure and management. Schneider Electric has technical answers to pivotal problems in these crucial areas, and the success of the company’s efforts – as well as its competitors in the space – is in the collective, global interest. This success is best evidenced in the progress of Schneider’s customers.

Through leveraging our deep understanding of our customers, Schneider Electric continues to tailor solutions that combine open architectures, connected products, industrial software, and cloud-based services on their Internet of Things platform, all in support of our strategic priorities:

  • Leveraging the world’s new energy challenges.
  • Serving the increasing need for automation of customers in key market segments
  • Supporting the digital transformation of end use customers and partners
  • Leveraging the opportunity from new economies
  • Building two complementary business models: Products and Solutions
  • Investing in profitable and responsible growth while driving efficiency

Moreover, given the global energy and climate change challenges impact on business and society at large, it is Schneider Electric’s aim to lead and contribute to public policy debates on energy and sustainable development, green growth and the transition to a digital, low-carbon economy and infrastructure.

Schneider Electric has decided to strengthen the global policy function and to build a high performing and effective public trade policy program to further obtain an excellent understanding of the complex political processes in public trade policy and regulation, to build and sustain strategic relationships at all relevant levels of political decision making as well as to lead multi-stakeholder coalitions to positively engage advancements in this global evolution.

The Role

Schneider Electric believes the global energy landscape is rapidly becoming more decentralized, digitized, decarbonized, more electric and efficient. It is our aim to lead and contribute to global public policy debates on public trade policy and the transition to low-carbon economy and infrastructure.

The increasing role of digitization in energy management and automation and its mutual benefits to economic prosperity and accelerated environmental sustainability are contributing to a rapid, evolutionary reshaping of the global energy landscape and related public trade policy topics.

Most notably, the globalization and nationalization balances affecting global public trade in both digital commerce and hard goods as well as the rapid convergence of IT and OT technologies are dramatically accelerating our global public trade policy engagements and expanding our portfolio of energy topics.

Schneider Electric has decided to further strengthen its global public policy function and to build a high performing and effective global public trade policy program. This enhancement is to further obtain an excellent understanding of the complex political processes in public trade policy and regulation (both in digital and hard goods), to build and sustain strategic relationships at all relevant levels of political decision making as well as to lead multi-stakeholder coalitions.

The ideal candidate must fully embrace this vision with a passion for our customer’s opportunities to fully engage in this area to effect both positive economic and environmental evolution.

In this context, Schneider Electric is looking to hire a strong Vice President, Global Public Trade Policy who will be able to assess the current overall policy picture of Schneider Electric, lead and coordinate all public trade policy related activities, build a best-in-class public trade policy strategy and program, and ensure that the public trade policy and strategy are thoroughly integrated in the companies’ activities.

This is a newly-created role, and this person will report to the Senior Vice President of Global Industry and Government Affairs of Schneider Electric. However, it is essential that he/she work in a truly collaborative manner – coordinating across lines of business, geographies, and other corporate functional areas – to ensure a cohesive, impactful approach that helps drive and support other company initiatives and bottom-line business results. Building internal and external coalitions is a must; it is a key to success within Schneider Electric.

This position could be based in the Washington, DC office or Brussels, but the company is open to considering other locations or home-based arrangements. Regardless, it is expected that this person will travel frequently and work in a global capacity. Regional priorities include Europe, China, India and North America, though this is not a US-centric role.

The existing team is strong, talented, and accomplished; this person will help to create a more diverse internal base of subject matter and functional experts, complementing existing skill set and team leadership.

Candidate Profile

The Vice President, Global Public Trade Policy must be a creative, strategic professional who thinks in solutions, and is able to quantify business outcomes. This person will be required to operate with global credibility – both internally and externally – and take an unbiased approach, balancing the short and long-term priorities, including what is best for the company and the world as a whole. As such, this is a significant undertaking that will necessitate a strong foundation in strategic thinking, diplomacy, vision setting, and a deep content understanding. Moreover, the ability to be creative, generative, and forward-thinking, while also acting as a truly collaborative colleague within a large, global, matrix setting is crucial.

Public trade policy is evolving rapidly, with many nations questioning long held commitments to free trade and open investment. The ideal candidate will understand both traditional arguments for public trade policy but also understand the current criticisms of public trade policy and how to positively counter them.

In terms of performance and personal competencies required for the position, we highlight the following:


  • Create strategic public trade policy plans that support the continuing development of Schneider Electric’s digital energy transformation, promoting a clear understanding of the vision and strategic priorities.
  • Act as a global public trade policy champion to ensure that key objectives are prioritized and implemented appropriately across the Group. Through this leadership and oversight, ensure consistency, quality, effective risk management and regulatory compliance.
  • Liaise closely with country, business unit and regional-specific colleagues/stakeholders to provide input into the strategic public trade policy direction and fully understand the requirements for local variations; increasing clarity at local level and improving organizational efficiency.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with external stakeholders, such as global public trade policy and regulatory leadership, industry bodies, and consultants.

Personal Competencies

  • Senior executive presence and maturity with not less than 15 years related experience.
  • Understand trends and developments in related markets and the public trade policy sphere in major countries around the world, its related impact on Schneider Electric and its global business ventures; identify key levers to capitalize on opportunities and/or minimize downside exposure.
  • Interacts with leading international organizations such as the UNCTAD, World Trade Organization, World Bank, APEC, OECD and others.
  • Track the global policy debates in this space and identifies spaces for Schneider to make a unique contribution.
  • Identify potential allies, especially in the non-profit community, whose advocacy and mission aligns with our vision.
  • Significant understanding of, and exposure to both political and commercial drivers related to trade and the impact it has on businesses broadly.
  • Strong technical policy knowledge; able to draft a holistic picture of the overall activities and policy as it relates to a wide range of businesses, not just energy management and automation.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with international and national partners to deliver successful outcomes, as well as a developed ability to work and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders handling potentially ambiguous objectives.
  • Strong commercial and international awareness; the credibility and confidence to lead senior engagement with governments and businesses.
  • Experience working within a complex matrix environment with culturally diverse teams.
  • A strong commitment to values of impartiality, honesty, integrity and objectivity.
  • Possesses drive, energy, ambition and future potential.
  • Advanced degree preferred.



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