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Now that the Trump-shock has settled, we cannot help but wonder what else needs to happen for our political elites to wake up. Trump as President seemed so impossible that the EU and many state governments did not bother to make contact ahead of time – and now we wonder how our relations with the United States are going to look like. It is yet another symptom of the EU institution representatives behaving like deer in the headlights of the ordinary citizen. Instead of facing reality and getting ready for the December election of an Austrian president and the 2017 elections in France and Germany, Brussels pretends nothing has happened and continues as usual – producing paper, discussing European integration or the color of eco labels in endless meetings.

It is high time for us to change our way of communicating, and who we communicate with. Brussels is a city of professionals with the goal to convince their counterparts of their arguments – whether lobbyists or policymakers. What we now need is a way to cooperate, to search for solutions together, and the openness to accept that perhaps a third idea, developed together, is much better than anything developed in a Commission unit or in a Public Affairs consultancy. And together does not mean political and business elites, but policymakers, lobbyists, unemployed youngsters, refugees, journalists, pro-Brexit voters.

If you believe you can bring fresh thoughts into this EU bubble, check out the latest jobs and as usual more on politjobs.eu!

Irina Michalowitz – im@politapps.eu


Facebook seeks Public Policy Manager, Connectivity

Responsibilities: Develop policy positions on global Internet and telecommunications policy issues; identify, monitor, and analyze telecommunications policy issues affecting Facebook at the international and country level; articulate our policy positions in briefing papers, consultation responses and internal policy meetings (…)

FuelsEurope seeks Policy Advisor (m/f)

Responsibilities: Monitor and analyse EU policy and legislative proposals potentially relevant to the EU petroleum refining and marketing industry in one or more policy areas; develop and maintain a contact network in the EU institutions; develop and maintain knowledge of the policy and legislative procedures in the EU Institutions.

Bundesärztekammer sucht Sachbearbeiter (m/w)

Aufgaben: Monitoring, Begleitung und Berichterstattung von gesundheitspolitischen Entwicklungen auf EU-Ebene; verfassen von Berichten und Briefings; vorbereitung von und Teilnahme an Treffen und Veranstaltungen mit Vertretern von EU-Institutionen und anderen Organisationen; Büroorganisation und Assistenz, einschließlich Terminkoordination (…)

European Casino Association seeks Executive Director (m/f)

Tasks: Give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s mission, strategic goals, and objectives; execute the decisions of the Board of Directors; advise on the ECA’s strategy, priorities and action plan and identify the best ways to advance the ECA’s operations; take initiatives to plan, propose, co-ordinate and implement the association’s projects and events both internally and externally (…)

European Cocoa Association seeks EU Affairs Officer (m/f)

Responsibilities: Coordination of the ECA Working Group on Trade; monitoring and reporting on regulatory developments at EU and third country levels; development of joint positions, statements & updates; liaison with key stakeholders (within and outside the association); coordinating with the research community; Information and Communication

Deutsche Post seeks Senior Expert (m/f)

Very strong experience in public policy affairs in Brussels; working experience in the EU institutions, preferably in the European Parliament, and good knowledge of political processes inside the EU; you have excellent networking skills and a good network in the European Parliament; you have strong analytical skills; a good grasp of business strategy and objectives (…)

Government of Gibraltar offers Policy Assistant Traineeships

The ideal candidates will be EU citizens able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the functioning of the European Union and fluency in at least three EU languages including English. Previous experience as a trainee in Brussels will be a major advantage. The traineeships will be remunerated. They will be of three months‘ duration with an opportunity for extension.


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