politjobs job alert EU 2017-40 – Spain vs Catalonia – a European question

Another national uproar is shaking Europe these days: Catalonians insisted on a referendum on their independence from Spain, and took it to the streets – against massive and violent Spanish police force. Not a good picture of a tolerant Europe that scolds Turkey and other countries for their skills of dealing with dissenting opinions – on the other hand perhaps an explosion of emotions that seems long overdue and that we know in different variations. Regional minorities everywhere in Europe are increasingly using every opportunity to make their voices heard – whether Belgian Wallonia almost stops the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement or British elderly and rural citizens decide for Britain to leave the EU. How will Spain deal with it – the big question over the next days. A hard stance on Catalonia will not lead to reconciliation, so talks and negotiations will be necessary – and a willingness on both sides to understand.

How will Europe deal with it – a fundamental and burning question to which we still do not have an answer. Europe’s minorities have a geographic, cultural, demographic or gender dimension, and many more. Talks and negotiations are necessary as well – not in a business-as-usual manner but with the sincere goal to understand each other and to build a Europe in which everyone has a place. If you want to help find the right answers, find attached some jobs and as usual more on politjobs.eu!

Irina Michalowitz – im@politapps.eu

UECBV seeks Advisor on Policy with an economic background

Main responsibilities and tasks: Preparing research/position papers on policy areas including global trade, market forecasts, the Common Agricultural Policy and the Union Customs Code; Attendance of policy conferences and institutional meetings, e.g. European Parliament committees and preparing reports on discussions; Attending and reporting back on complex discussions on technical subjects e.g. customs and taxation; Monitoring the meat market and delivering a weekly market intelligence note; Monitoring and analysis of the international trade and trade agreements negotiations (…)

EFAA seeks Head of Secretariat/Public Affairs

Main Tasks and Responsibilities: Ensure smooth internal operations by serving as a focal point, maintaining and updating EFAA’s IT infrastructure and contributing to EFAA’s internal financial reporting and planning; Organise and conduct all official proceedings of the Federation, including the EFAA Annual International Conference, the EFAA Annual General Meeting and the EFAA Council Meeting; Maintain, expand and initiate EFAA’s contact with stakeholders, such as standard setters (EC, EP, IASB, IFAC, etc.) and professional and sectoral organisations based in Brussels and beyond (…)

World Federation of Advertisers seeks Public Affairs Executive

The Public Affairs Executive’s main responsibility will be to support WFA’s Digital Governance work, which includes: Developing guidance and briefing for marketers on digital issues e.g. GDPR; WFA’s Digital Governance Exchange (DGX), a member forum to explore cross-functional digital issues which takes place in London and New York; Lobbying and advocacy on upcoming issues related to digital marketing e.g. ePrivacy (…)

Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board seeks EU Policy Advisor

The Brussels office exists to optimize flow of information and communication to and from EU institutions on behalf of AHDB and the wider industry. Its role consists in ensuring that the relevant sectors are well informed on issues and developments which have an impact on the operating environment, efficiency, profitability and in developing and maintaining a network through which these sectors can direct developments in their favour (…)

Bundesverband deutscher Banken bietet Praktikum im Verbindungsbüro Brüssel

Der Schwerpunkt des Praktikums liegt im Bereich der europäischen Rechtsetzung für Finanzdienstleistungen. Sie lernen in Ihrer Praktikumszeit das Verfahren der europäischen Gesetzgebung, die Zusammenarbeit der Europäischen Institutionen und die Interessenvertretung der Wirtschaftsverbände und der in Brüssel aktiven Unternehmen näher kennen. Sie unterstützen die Experten des Bankenverbandes in Brüssel und Berlin bei der Analyse von Legislativvorschlägen und durch Informationsrecherche und -bewertung (…)

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