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Members of the European Parliament are warming up to action, or at least strong speeches, concerning the latest discoveries of documents on offshore tax avoidance practices, called “Paradise Papers”. The issue this time: legal tax avoidance practices rather than illegal tax evasion – which is a homemade problem of greedy member states.

The discoveries are timely, as the EU is preparing for its first Social summit since 20 years. The idea is to discuss not only the creation of jobs and growth, but also how they can be created in a fair way. Results remain to be seen – more expectations should be set into the next steps towards a European Defence Union. 20 member states signed up to a defence pact on 13 November, to collaborate more strongly, including in very practical matters such as weapons or troops. As a side effect, a new EU body acronym is born: PESCO does not have anything to do with EU fishery policy, but is the Permanent Structured Cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Glyphosate monster is haunting the EU again (or continues to). No agreement was reached amongst member states on the European Commission’s proposal to renew the licence for 5 years. As a consequence, the very rare event will occur that an EU appeals committee has the last opportunity to come to a decision before the proposal is dead. They will have to hurry, as the licence runs out on 15 December – much to the joy of many environmentalists, and to the horror of farmers, agriculture companies and Monsanto.

There is currently no escape from Glyphosate counter-lobbying in Brussels. The German public television channel ZDF is now taking a new perspective on the profession: a series called “The Lobbyist” is being aired as of this week, featuring a young Member of Parliament who is forced to lay down her mandate over a scandal, finds herself in a new role as lobbying consultant, and ends up in dramatic intrigues and criminal activities none of the professional lobbyists have ever come to know. Maybe worth to watch and learn…

If you feel you belong into this world, find attached some jobs and as usual more on politjobs.eu!

Irina Michalowitz – im@politapps.eu

European Venture Philanthropy Association seeks Public Affairs Manager

Develop EVPA’s Role as a European Thought Leader: Deepen EVPA’s current knowledge on European and national policies; Be the contact point and represent EVPA towards EU authorities (COM, EP, EIB-EIF, EESC, etc.), as well as other multilateral bodies relevant to the VP/SI sector (OECD, G8 GSG, etc.); Inform and advice EVPA members with regards to relevant European policies and initiatives; Contribute to EU-wide consultations and position papers in concertation with EVPA’s Knowledge Centre Director and EVPA’s Policy Committee; Develop and write articles to be featured in EVPA communications and external media outlets; Organise webinars dedicated to learning about EU policies (re. follow-up of the Social Business Initiative [SBI], GECES Expert Group, EaSI Programme, etc.) and / or national policies (…)

International Organisation for Migration seeks EU Policy & Programme Assistant

Core Functions / Responsibilities: Assist in providing technical assistance to relevant IOM offices for the implementation, reporting, and visibility and communication of EU-funded projects, in compliance with donor requirements and priorities; Assist in providing technical assistance to relevant IOM offices in project development in response to EU calls for proposal and tenders and direct funding opportunities, in compliance with donor requirements and priorities; Support negotiations and liaison with the European Commission and other relevant EU institutions and agencies for projects signed centrally with the EU in Brussels; Monitor, analyze and inform on relevant EU external policy and funding opportunities to be used for the development of appropriate strategies, action plans and projects/ programmes (…)

European Healthcare Distribution Association offers Internship

Responsibilities: Assist with the organisation of the GIRP conferences and workshops; Researching, editing, and writing input for GIRP’s numerous publications; Compilation of PowerPoint presentations for internal meetings and external conferences; Perform research to support ongoing projects; Participation in conferences, seminars, and workshops with relevance to health policy; Maintenance of GIRP’s internet presence; Administrative support and office management. (…)

Euralarm seeks General Manager

Dimensions of the function: Assume responsibility for the advocacy impact of Euralarm; Maintain relationships with the Board, the sections and the committees; Maintain relationships with members; Maintain and develop relationships with external stakeholders e.g. the EU Commission MEP’s, regulator’s and ESO’s; Attract new members, but also ensuring that any potential new members meet the membership requirements, which include having an effective system of corporate governance; Develop co-operation with organisations with similar objectives to those of Euralarm and seek to work together to promote them; Ensure Euralarm’s financial viability (…)

Eurogroup for Animals seeks Political Assistant

The Role: Our political assistant will support the Political Advisors’ team in the execution of Eurogroup for Animals’ advocacy strategy towards the EU Institutions by conducting policy research and political analysis, monitoring relevant committees and processes in the EU institutions, taking minutes in meetings and sharing the outcomes, building a network and maintaining our database of relevant contacts (…)

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