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Just in time for the international women’s day, Eurostat informs us that women on earned 16% less than men in 2016 – and the EU bubble is right on average. Eastern European countries do not necessarily fare better in the comparison – only a 5% difference in Romania, but also in Italy, but more than 25% in Estonia and almost 22% in the Czech Republic and Germany. Much remains to be done – and regulation seems to be the only tool to get it done in a timely manner.

Something is done by the state of Belgium to finally deal with the threat of its nuclear plants: as of now, iodine pills are freely available in case of an accident. Belgian citizens and residents feel much safer now. Tiny Belgium hosts seven aging nuclear reactors, four of which close to the Dutch border near Antwerp, and three close to the German  border near Liege.

Meanwhile the EU is in other big battles: US President Donald Trump threat to commence a global trade war has triggered retaliation speeches: EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström warns of EU measures hitting peanut butter, whiskey, cranberries and orange juice, whilst Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker goes against Harley-Davidson and Levi’s jeans. Companies are desparate for someone to talk sense into Trump – Harley-Davidson, for instance, already stated that with 16% of its sales going to Europe,  a significant impact on sales, dealers, suppliers and customers is unavoidable.

Just in time for these transatlantic quarrels, Germany has got their act together, and a new government coalition has formed – same parties, different personalities, and much to prove how this coalition can be different from the old one.

Italy still has to get there: an overwhelming victory for the Five Star Movement and the nationalist Lega, and an overwhelming defeat of the governing left-wing coalition led to Matteo Renzi’s resignation and the question which parties are able to govern together: the Five Star Movement is not willing to partner with any of the right-wing nationalist parties, and overall, none of the parties has won a sufficient majority to dominate the coalition-building process. Whatever the outcome, the real issue for Europe is the strong support for Eurosceptical parties: altogether about 50% of Italians voted for these groups.

The continuing discussions around Brussels’ most prominent choice of personnel do not help in this regard: Brussels media as well as the European Parliament are still on about Martin Selmayr – media report that after taking office a few days ago, he suggested to triple the transition allowance of European commissioners which they receive after leaving office. Whilst the issue may deserve discussion, the timing is awkward and does not help the EU to earn trust with citizens who cannot make ends meet.

If you want to take part in this currently rather bumpy ride, find attached some jobs and as usual more on politjobs.eu!

Irina Michalowitz – im@politapps.eu


Motion Picture Association seeks Copyright Policy Counsel

The Copyright Policy Counsel will advise the Motion Picture Association’s EMEA policy team on copyright policy matters in the region comprising Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a particular emphasis on European Affairs. He or she will assist on other legal matters and lobbying as appropriate. The broad objectives of this work will be to support MPA members by promoting actions and policies that respect and sustain creativity and contribute to the success of the audiovisual sector. (…)

European Banking Federation seeks Policy Adviser on Digital & Retail

The European Banking Federation (EBF) is seeking to recruit a full-time position Policy Adviser for its Digital & Retail Team who will be responsible for building consensus and developing policy positions, designing and delivering lobbying strategy, and coordinating members’ actions. Working with and lobbying the European institutions to achieve an appropriate regulatory and supervisory framework in the EU. (…)

European Consumer Voice in Standardisation seeks Programme Assistant

The contract is for a part-time position (50% to 60%) until 21 December 2018. The post-holder will support the ANEC Secretariat in the delivery of tasks in the services & sustainability sectors during the temporary absence of the responsible Programme Manager. A possible renewal of the contract is foreseen, depending on the number of external projects in which ANEC will be engaged in 2019. (…)

Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries seeks Policy Advisor

Your tasks and responsibilities: Monitor and analyse the EU policy landscape for issues of relevance to ccTLD registry operators; Draft policy and issue papers in the fields of data protection, privacy, cyber security, content control, consumer protection, internet governance and other topics of relevance to the internet industry; Engage in outreach activities with EU institutions, law enforcement, and industry stakeholders (e.g. EIF, Europol, RIPE NCC, ICANN, IGF); Support the Legal and Regulatory Working Group, including support the Chair and Vice-Chair, participate in and report on workshop meetings (…)

PlasticsEurope seeks EU Advocacy and Research Intern

Role and responsibilities: Support the Senior EU policy adviser in advocacy activities on relevant EU dossiers; Monitor policy developments at EU level, including work at European Parliament and Council level; Follow discussions in the European Parliament Committee meetings; Attend advocacy meetings, conferences and events and prepare event reports and meeting notes; Provide advocacy support for events organised by PlasticsEurope; Provide administrative support when required (…)

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