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The Easter break was a quiet one in Brussels, which cannot be said for Europe as a whole: the EU’s least favourite Head of State, Victor Orban, gained a whopping two-thirds majority in his national elections. In parallel, the European Parliament published a report voicing strong concerns about the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, corruption, freedom of expression and more. Austria, Poland, Hungary – European values, the way they are formulated in the treaties, are not necessarily shared amongst EU member states any more, and sanctions can only be part of a reaction.

One clear reaction came from Emmanuel Macron in his first speech to the European Parliament: political divisions are like a civil war and we need to defend a European liberal democracy that protects the rights of minorities. It remains to be seen if the European Union manages to set clear actions according to its values, not just voicing them.

The private sector sees some clear actions: Volkswagen’s CEO Matthias Müller has been replaced – having had an impossible job, with a Diesel emissions scandal battle that just could not be won. The same is probably true for Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan who also lost his job. Both positions went to successors from inside the companies – no real change to be expected.

Meanwhile, another CEO is under fire, albeit more from the political world than within his own company: Mark Zuckerberg just testified in front of the US Senate on Facebook’s most recent data scandal – and has now been invited by the European Parliament. We can be certain that MEPs will make his appearance a highly political matter of respect – with absolutely no new information, aside from some fun answers to strange questions, as in the US Senate.

We can therefore be glad that 25 EU member states just signed a Declaration of Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence – promising to collectively explore opportunities and deal with challenges: if Zuckerberg does not make it to Brussels, maybe Elon Musk will.

Somebody else is off the hook: the European Parliament did not dare to intervene too strongly in the Martin Selmayr-staffing decision of the European Commission – essentially criticising the process, acknowledging that it is the job of the European Commission and asking the next one to reassess the process (which will almost certainly not happen). This matter now seems closed.

If you want to watch Commission-Parliament battles from the front row, and/or help turn declarations and other legislative outputs into useful political tools, then find attached some jobs and as usual more on politjobs.eu!

Irina Michalowitz – im@politapps.eu

Int. Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) seeks Innovation Project Manager for EU funded projects

As an Innovation Project Manager focused on European funded initiatives will undertake the following main activities and responsibilities as regards project proposal writing: Provide support to researchers in funding acquisition within EU funded RTD projects; Identify calls for proposals within INL’s strategic RTD areas, within H2020 and other RTD programmes and promote these internally to researchers; Support the building of the optimal consortium of partners; Structure and develop the project proposal; Develop project innovation strategies and work plans for project proposals (…)

Verbund Europäischer Automobil Clubs (EAC) sucht Referenten/in (25 Std./Woche)

Ihre Aufgaben: Monitoring und Analyse der europäischen Verkehrspolitik, Identifikation neuer Themen und Handlungsfelder; Fachbegleitung des EAC-Präsidenten bei Gesprächsterminen mit Mitgliedern des Europaparlaments, der EU-Kommission und Interessenvertretern in BrĂĽssel; Eigenständiger Aufbau und Pflege des EAC-Netzwerkes; Erarbeitung von Positionspapieren, Stellungnahmen, Handlungsempfehlungen; Vorbereitung, DurchfĂĽhrung und Nachbereitung von Veranstaltungen des EAC, insbesondere des alljährlich stattfindenden EAC-Symposiums in BrĂĽssel (…)

GSMA seeks Public Policy Manager

You will manage public policy work within the GSMA Brussels team through the effective communication of the GSMA public policy positions, in particular – but not exclusively – on cyber-security, privacy and data protection. You will work with the GSMA members to understand their perspectives on key policy areas, assist in the development of clear policy priorities. One of your key responsibilities will be to lead proactively in the policy debate and exercise judgment to propose and steer a course on message alignment and delivery that reflects the consensus but maintains a credible and positive contribution to the debate (…)

Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer sucht Europareferent(in)

Zu Ihren Aufgaben gehören: Beobachtung und inhaltliche Aufbereitung der anwaltsrelevanten EU-Rechtsetzung; Betreuung von FachausschĂĽssen der BRAK; Erarbeitung von Stellungnahmen; Teilnahme an Anhörungen und Sitzungen der EU-Institutionen; Vertretung der BRAK nach auĂźen; Mitarbeit in unseren Dachverbänden. Der Schwerpunkt Ihrer Tätigkeit liegt im Bereich der Justiz- und Binnenmarktrechtsetzung und ist mit regelmäßigen Reisen verbunden (…)

WaterAid seeks EU Representative

Join us as the WaterAid Representative for the EU, where you will focus on advocating and communicating WaterAid’s position to staff within the institutions of the European Union, MEPs, Member States and other relevant partners. The role is based in Brussels, and will build and strengthen partnerships with relevant organisations, influence their decision-making and help further our collective objectives (…)

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